Typography Toolbar Graphite features in Styles

For me the Typography Toolbar works perfectly with Graphite fonts in LO 4.2.

But in long documents I don’t want to change all the typographic features manually.

Is there a way to add something like Graphite Small Caps to all headings at once, similar to changing the heading paragraph styles?

Modify the style to append the require Graphite code to the end of the font Family e.g.,

  • Linux Biolinum G:smcp=1 for small capitals.
  • Linux Libertine G:pnum=1&onum=1 for proportional old style numbers

Complete list of codes is available in the font features PDF.

The Typography Toolbar has that functionality built in. How did I miss that?

It’s the third icon from left: "Update character or paragraph style based on the Graphite character formatting"