UI fonts corrupted/glitchy

Hello everyone,

I am a pretty much unexperienced (x)ubuntu user, so I am sorry if my question has a pretty obvious answer I failed to find.

The problem I am having are some incorrectly displayed fonts in the UI-windows of Writer, Calc, Base, Impress and Draw (see image below ).

In Writer, Base and Calc, some of the bold text in the windows appears as a collection of scattered black boxes, rectangles. The text is completely unreadable. In Impress and Draw, the glitches are of white colour and the text is readable, but only with difficulty.

I have tried removing and reinstalling LO, but to no avail. Switching on and off anti-aliasing has also rendered no result.

I am using LibreOffice v. My OS is Xubuntu 16.04 (x64) as a dual boot alongside Win7 on a Lenovo Thinkpad e555, equipped with a Radeon R6 Graphics card. No proprietary drivers are in use.

I will gladly provide any further information or any command-outputs you require.

Thank you for your help in advance!



I have the exact same issue, but my specs are a little different: I use Ubuntu (without x) and I have no Windows installed on any partition.

The solution to me was:

German solution (my PC is German):

Open LibreOffice → Extras → Optionen… →LibreOffice → Ansicht → Grafikausgabe → Enable those three:

  • Kantenglättung verwenden
  • OpenGL für das Rendern verwenden (nach Neustart)
  • OpenGL trotz Negativliste erzwingen (nach Neustart)

PS: If anybody has an English PC, please translate the path and I will include the English version as well.