Unable to add or change Base sub form records

I can view but not add or change sub form records in a Base Form. The sub-form data properties have been set to allow addition, changes and deletions. Are there any other settings that require changing to allow additions/changes. Any help would be appreciated.


You have provided little information other than it isn’t working.

Would guess you have a primary key for the sub form records. Would not have data unless it was imported.

May be that your sub form is based upon a query. If so, the query needs to contain all necessary information to update a record. Also this cannot be a mixture of different table data.

May be you have not set the links correctly.

It is certain there are other possibilities. If you still have a problem, please provide such information as specific LO version, OS, database used (connector where relevant) and a sample would certainly help.

Thank you for your reply. The sub form table did not have a primary key. Once I had added one and re-imported the data I was able to add and change records.