Unable to delete user-defined index

I created user-defined index in LibreOffice Writer. I can remove all entries in it but I am not able to remove index itself. How can I do that?

Right-click the index. This context menu should have an item “Delete index”.

In case you want a total different index afterwards, you need to delete the index items in the text too. Set the cursor in front of an index item and then use Index Entry from the context menu. That dialog Edit Index Entry has a button Delete and an arrow button to go to the next entry.

In case you do not see the index item in the text, you should enable Field Shadings in the menu View. For to move to the next index item you can use the Navigator. Top-Left is a tool-window Navigation, which you can drag. There you can choose the category Index entry and then use arrow up and down there to go to the next index entry.

Unfortunately I do not know better ways to find and delete the existing index entries.

This works but if you want to add a new index you get the old one back again.

@malc: what do you mean? Edit your question to describe your procedure. If the index table comes back, then you didn’t delete all index “bookmarks” (or markup) in your main text.

In MX Linux at least, when you edit one Index Entry, if you press Alt, the “D” on the Delete button is underlined, so you can just hold Alt-D while libreoffice deletes all the entries one by one. It does take time, but not that much of a pain… Ok, it’s a pain, but at least can be done just by holding two keys.
The fact that LO assigns multiple entries to the same text when add an entry and check “apply to similar text” doesn’t help. I had a ton of Index entries assigned to the same text all over the document.