Unable To Do Separate Color For Separate Page

Hi !
I am trying to change the background color of an individual page accordingly but unable to do so.

If I change background color as below screenshot of Page Style, the color applied on entire pages. However, I can draw a rectangle and apply the color I need but that would be a lengthy and very time consuming process.

Is there any option to do that or this feature will be developed?

You would need to create a separate page style for each different colour page. Click in the page that you are on then, in the sidebar select the Styles pane, then click the Page style icon. Right click on Default page style and select New, give it a name then right click it and select Modify. Click on the Area tab and choose a background colour. Create as many page styles as background colours needed.

At the end of the preceding page, click Insert > More breaks > Manual break. In the dialog that opens, select Page break and under page style, select the style chosen for that colour. Repeat for other colour page styles.

To repeat a colour, just select it in the Manual break dialog.

Tell us what the criteria for color change are.

  • Alternating colors (e.g. blue on left and yellow on right) or rotating sequences are easy to automate.
  • Own color for every page (a different color or background image) is not a target for Writer (though it is painfully possible), it is rather a task for desktop publishing apps like Scribus.

In any case, background color is a property of page style and will appear on every page under control of this page style.