Unable to download libre office

Had Libre office on my pc. Tried to download latest upgrade and informed me I did not have rights or permission. So canceled and now I do not even have Libre Office on my pc and unable to download. Please advise. I’m using a HP desktop pc.

Was there an error number?

Have you tried rebooting your PC (Restart )? Once it has been properly rebooted try installing again, Sometimes in Windows there is some sort of lock stopping you overwirting certain files, reboot releases the lock. I always reboot after an installation too as I don’t trust Windows to play nicely until then.


No clear if you can’t download installer or can’t upgrade.

From your question, I assume you are on Windows and used a Microsoft browser to download the LO install file which offered to install it for you (I think MS browsers still do that). The file should be where you told it to download, if you didn’t it is likely to be in Downloads folder. If you find it there, LibreOffice_6.4.4_Win_x64.msi, double-clicking it should start the install again (make sure you have rebooted since the failed install so as to release the blocking file).

I can’t remember what a partially downloaded file looks like any more but I think it looks greyed out or has a tilde (~) at the beginning or end. If it hasn’t fully downloaded you will need to continue the download, or download again. Don’t let the browser install it for you, when it has downloaded, close the browser and anything else and double-click on the downloaded file to install.