Unable to Edit Password Protected Files When Firefox Running

This issue occurs with password protected files from both Writer and Calc, that I have seen.

I regularly use a password protected Calc file. Often, though not always, I am unable to enter data into cells if Firefox is already running. However, I can open and edit unprotected files.

To work around the issue, I must close Firefox and the password protected Calc file. Then reopen the Calc file and data input works as expected. I can even reopen Firefox and everything continues fine.

Can anyone duplicate this issue, or better yet, provide a solution?


Firefox Versions at least 35 - 37.0.2

Libre Office Version 4.1.62

I tested on an XP machine using Firefox v38.0.1 and LibO

  • Created ods-file and saved with PW (to open the file)
  • Closed file
  • Opened file
  • Edited file and saved
  • Opened file and edited text was to be seeon

Did the same with and odt-file and had the same result

Which steps did you take in detail?
Is your file protected against operning or is a read-only limitation?
Which OS are you using?