Unable to enable macro recording

On LO Draw I have checked the “Enable macro recording (limited)” option, but the record macro option does not appear, even after restart.

How can it be enabled?

As it says in Help the macro recorder only works in Writer and Calc - it does not work in Draw.

The (experimental) macro recorder is only available in ‘Wtriter’ and in ‘Draw’ ‘Calc’ (Editing: Sorry!).
From the help:
Limitations of the macro recorder
The following actions are not recorded:
= Opening of windows is not recorded.
= Actions carried out in another window than where the recorder was started are not recorded.
= Window switching is not recorded.
= Actions that are not related to the document content are not recorded. For example, changes made in the Options dialogue box, macro organiser, customising.
= Selections are recorded only if they are done by using the keyboard (cursor travelling), but not when the mouse is used.
= The macro recorder works only in Calc and Writer.