Unable to fill dots in list


I should create a list of elements, some of which must be filled with dots and right-aligned to report prices.

So, for example

  - Goofy
  - Pluto
  - Mickey mouse .........14 $
  - Donald Duck
  - Scrooge McDuck ......250 $

First of all, I ask you how to set the filling of the dots at the tab key. My settings in Format → paragraph → Tabs are saved but have no effect.

Furthermore, I ask you if it is correct to set a style or create a new one (in Manage Styles → List Styles) to get easy setting for each list having this characteristic or is better to manually work on the line that needs such filling.

Thanks a lot

The best would be indeed to create a new paragraph style. In the Outline & Numbering tab, give it a list style if you want (Numbering field).

In the Tabs tab, create a right aligned tab rather far right (Position field) with the Fill Character set to dots. Then New and OK.

Then, type your text and hit tab key and the price.

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Perfect, I’ve created my custom paragraph style