Unable to install both fresh and still versions

I would like to try out the fresh version (I presume this is LO lingo for a beta) and also keep the still version on my PC. however whenever I install one or the other, the existing one gets removed, even when I install to a non-standard directory

anybody managed to do this, and have a not too painful and long winded way of achieving it, I would be very grateful!


I never did it this way myself. I prefer having one standard installation and keeping several versions from packages in the portable app format (.paf.exe, self extracting). Presently this is only available for Windows (R). My tests with Wine under Ubuntu, however, were successful. You may add a line “SingleAppInstance=false” to the [Launch} section of the LibreOfficePortable.ini configuration file and will then be able to run more than one LibreOffice at the same time.

hi Lupp and thanks for that. I did originally look at that page as a possible solution but you made me think about different ways to achieve what I want. I found the link to the seperate install GUI, used that for the stable version, installed the fresh version as standard

I don’t think I will want to run in parallel for the most part (I just want to be able to go back to stable version if there’s an issue) however that parameter could be handy , so thanks for that

the SI GUI popped up an error when attempting to create shortcut - something to do with the registry and com, so I just manually created it…I will update this thread to report if all versions run fine…