Unable to open file on a network share - file locked [BUG] [Workaround found]

Hi I have a problem opening some files ods files on a network share.

This is the scenario:

  • Win server 2008 enterprise
  • Client - win 7 64 bit professional with libreoffice 4.1.2

Copying a file in a network folder and then trying to open it with calc, the message that says the file is in use by another user - user unknown - appears

opening the excel file with the problem does not appear

can someone help me? thanks

OP: @vergna

It’s a LO Bug


I’ve found a workaround here:


Disabling windows shell extensions the problem disappear.

You might want to check fdo#68487 and make sure that the Explorer Shell Extension is not the cause.

I solved it by installing the version 3.6.5.
Should not be the bug 68487, the CPU did not reach high levels of load.

The comments at the end (#51-54) of bug fdo#67534 were what led me to fdo#68487. It sounded like a possible cause (and solution) for some people.

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