Unable to open or save files

System: Dual booting laptop PC with Ubuntu 14.10 (libreoffice and Win7 (libreoffice 4.2)
File formats: ODT and ODB

Originally used ubuntu 14.04 libreoffice 4.2, but for some unknown reason libreoffice stopped working and repeated cycles of installation just created a worse mess so updated to ubuntu 14.10 and libreoffice It this point libreoffice loaded correctly, but on trying to open an ODT file created on the old system: “Object cannot be accessed due to insufficient user rights”. Absolutely no problem on the Win7 partition. So checked the .configure/libreoffice dir against that of Win7 and found several files owned by root. Even copied the Win7 libreoffice dir directly to .config but same problem. Running (ubuntu) as root (sudo libreoffice) everything works fine, so it appears to be a permissions problem. Changed ownership (sudo chown -R X) where X = .config/libreoffice; /var/lib/libreoffice; /usr/lib/libreoffice; /usr/share/libreoffice, but still get problem. Still works fine as root. Tried creating a new file and saving as documents/TEST.odt. This produced the error: “Error saving the document Untitled1.odt. …/Documents/TEST.odt does not exist”. Looks to me like it can’t access the dir where it wants to save temporary files. Where is that? It appears to be creating empty directories in dir Home/TEMP, but it has full access to that (and tmp).

Tried opening an old database ODB file. Seems to load but Base crashes when trying to do anything like click on ‘Tables’. Next attempt produces a recovery dialog and after recovering, get same permissions error as above. So I suspect these problems have the same cause. Works fine as root.

So finally the question :-), “What other libreoffice files should I be checking the permissions of???”
Is there a log file that will give more specific info?

This issue is not resolved. As a last attempt I uninstalled LibreOffice from the Software Centre AND used apt-get purge, then using Locate -e removed any lingering files that looked like configuration files. Didn’t remove EVERY file that had libreoffice in the name - that was going to be the next step along with upgrade to 15.04! Reinstalled libreoffice from Software Centre - Still same problem - it will only work properly when running as root. So at this stage I gave up the fight (no, I didn’t go back to windows, but thought about it - for about 2 secs) and wrote script containing “gksudo libreoffice” and put it on the desktop. This works fine, BUT IS NOT THE CORRECT SOLUTION. I suspect libreoffice is not clearing out its configuration files properly on uninstall.