Unable to open spreadsheet saved in Calc as Microsoft XML

I created a new spreadsheet in Calc w about 6 tabs and a half dozen columns per sheet - a skeleton basically. On Save, I got the options to save in LO or Microsoft XML format. As colleagues would have to use MS Excel, I selected MS XML format. When I open the file in either Excel 2010 or LO 4.1, I get an XML import dialogue and the resulting “spreadsheet” has one tab with a bunch of XML in it. Why is LO 4.1 saving as a format that it cannot read - and that Excel also cannot read?

I’ve got LibO on this machine. The options I get for Excel are as follows:

My hunch is that you’ve saved to “Microsoft Excel 2003 XML” which has an .xml filetype. Could you confirm the full file name of your exported file? If you save it with the “Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 XML” option resulting in a .xlsx filetype, I think you’ll be good to go. (Hopefully! :wink: