Unable to Save My Log-in Details in Libre Office

Hello friends,

I was joined with Libre Office this morning and till then I am facing log-in issues.

Whenever I want to log-in to your system, the first thing that bothers me is my log-in details are not saving and from then they ask me every time to fill all the information again.

I am working on car wash Perth company, I really want to connect with you and grow my business with the help of your services.

I checked all the issues related to cookies, browser configuration settings, and internet connection but none of them make my way easier.

Is saving all the log-in credentials service is not working on your system or it just a glitch that happens with me only.

Second thing, whenever I entered all my details in your system then that page was not loaded till I have to click 5 to 6 times.

Please help me to solve this problem or guide me so that I can never irritate before entering your amazing platform.

Thanks for all the efforts which you will take to answer this query.

Please note that I am talking about ask.libreoffice.org.

(Edit: spam-link removed -AK)

Is this spam? I mark it as such. Looks like the only reason is to publish own URL. There’s no “login” requirements in LibreOffice, so either that or huge, unbelievable misconception.

Looks like spam

No no, I am not creating a spam. I am taking about ask.libreoffice.org in which I am getting log-in errors

I have similar problem. Just created an account in Ask LibreOffice, and every time I log in (except now, via this thread), I am asked if I want to add another email address. Whether I do or don’t, whether I click Cancel (?) or Submit, I am directed back to the same window. In other words, via normal login, I cannot access the forums.

Hans L

Maybe you have bookmarked the wrong page, try bookmarking https://ask.libreoffice.org/