Unable to Save Word Document

I have Libre Office Writer installed rather than the whole package. However, I am unable to save new documents; but existing documents will save. If I install the whole office suite (metapackage) then I can save new documents.
If I try to save the document it becomes translucent and then I can see the desktop wallpaper behind it. There is no choice offered of where to save it. If I try to close the document, I am asked If I want to save changes to the untitled document before closing? If I click save, again the document turns translucent and the document does not save nor does it close. The only way to close the document is to choose not to save it when closing.

OS: Linux Peppermint

I have Libre Office Writer installed rather than the whole package

Turn to Linux Peppermint’s LibreOffice package maintainers. It almost impossible to just provide part of the suite, since it is a monolithic application and your problem seems to be a prove of that.

… or remove and install the official build from the LO site. Normally, this is not recommended, but since the distro (or repo) maintainers apparently broke something, the official build may be the best option.

I fixed the problem by uninstalling Libre writer and any dependencies in the synaptic package manager, and then used the command line:

sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends libreoffice-writer libreoffice-gtk3