Unable to setup Google Drive within Managed Services

I’m running Windows 10 build 1909 and LibreOffice 6.4. I have 2fa on my Google account.

When trying to set up Google Drive as a Managed Service to access the remote files, it prompts me for a 6 digit PIN. The setup fails with the error “The specified device is invalid”.

The setup box also has a Share field above the username. When reviewing the intertubes, it doesn’t seem that anyone else has that box. I have been leaving it blank during the setup.

I have created an App Password within my Google account to us with LibreOffice but it still asks me for a PIN then fails.

None of the current support forms helped me with my issue.

Thanks in advance!


This has not worked in LO for some time and there is no time frame for repair.

As a sample please see comments/answers in these posts:

There are many more - all with about the same answer. Search Google drive on this site if you want to examine more.

Thank you.