"Enter 6-digit pin"/"Incorrect Username & Password" message displaying erroneously when trying to set up Remote File connection between Google Drive and LO using File > Open Remote...

Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6, LO

The reason the message is displaying erroneously is that I definitely have the details right, have triple-checked that the User, Password and Label details match my Google info.

Unless I’m entering the wrong info? Just to clarify:

Type: Google Drive

User: -the email address associated with the Google account-

Password: -the password associated with the Google account-

Label: -the username associated with the google account- (verified by checking the Google sign in/out portal displaying the email address, icon with first letter of name used to sign in, and finally the user name (which is displayed directly above the email address), associated with the account).

Have I entered the details correctly? Anyone else had this issue? What is this 6-digit verification PIN and where would I find it?

Is this a common issue? What else could be wrong in this instance?

Type Google Drive into the search box of this site and you’ll find out that this doesn’t work at all for some time (and please try to find a short descriptive title for your question, e.g. Google Drive Connection Error / Remote Service Google Drive Setup Error or something like that).


have a look to #tdf101630