Unable to shrink/reduce size of chart in Writer

I made a chart in Writer. I forgot to give it a title and page number. Now I can’t figure out how to shrink it so I can add these. When I try to add a page number, it bleeds part of the chart to the next page.

Please upload your ODF type sample file here.

How do I upload it here?

As a possible work-around, you could leave the chart as is until you’re ready to print the file (or otherwise distribute it or whatever), then make a duplicate of the file (so your original is ready for whatever fix comes along) and using the copy of the file:

  1. Then create a PDF of the chart, and insert it in place of the chart, and add the title and page number in Writer, or

  2. Create the title and page number, take a sufficiently high-resolution screenshot of the titled and numbered chart, then delete the title and page number (so the page goes back to normal) and place the screenshot atop the chart and adjust its length a little to fit).

Either method will take a bit of futzing about, but might get you moving.

In the navigator, search for OLE objects, Chart is one of them.
Right-click on it, you find ‘Rename’ as option.
Page number is not an option for charts, I think.
What you can do is right-click on the chart and ‘Insert caption’