Unable to type more that one letter at a time Devanagari

I am using Ubuntu Utopic and Libreoffice with it. I just noticed that I am unable to type in Devanagari in all Libre office applications. I can type other CTL languages in libreoffice without issues. and I can type Devanagari in all other applications in linux and copy it back to Libreoffice applications and the rendering is fine. But my issue is the inability to type in Libre office applications including Writer and Impress, which was surely working about 6months ago. I don’t remember any configuration changes other than usual distribution upgrades.
I just downloaded and checked the openoffice 4.1.0 portable build and I am able to type in devanagari perfectly well.

edit: added update from checking with openoffice 4.1.0 portable build.

I am not familiar with Devanagari but if you could type in a previous version of LibO, you might have encountered a bug. May I propose to file a bug report here: https://www.libreoffice.org/get-help/bug/

Would downgrading be a possible workaround for you? You also might be able to use a portable version (older and newer) for testing and usage. Portable version are free as well.

Thanks. Just wanted to see if I missed something. I will file a detailed bug report later this week. Are there portable versions available for linux X86_64 versions as well? I will check it out.