Unable to use Formula Editor in LO Writer anymore


Since yesterday, the Formula Editor of LO Writer is gone (Insert\Object\Formula). I have downloaded the latest LO version and rebooted, but no luck. When I go Insert\Object\Formula, a blank page appears, no sign of the formula menu (limits, fraction, function…).

How can I restore the editor please?

OS: Windows 10
LO: Version: (x64)

many thanks

To get a relevant answer, edit your question with the edit link to add your OS name and LO version.

I don’t practice Window$. Does the installer allow you to limit the installation to some components (say Writer and Calc)? Do you need to manually force a complete installation?

try reset your User profile using menu Help->Restart in Safe Mode

Sounds like the Elements pane is turned off in user profile.

Simple to turn back on.

– Open a new Formula

– main Menu → View

– select the ‘Elements’ item on the menu list (will toggle the panel active/inactive)

– Coloe the Formula Editor

The inline formula (an OLE object) in Writer should display the ‘Element’ panel.

this works - thank you very mucv