Under Options, there is no "Colors" tab. How do I add a custom color?

Older tutorials suggest that one goes to Tools → Options and choose the Colors tab in order to add a custom color to the palette.

I have no Colors tab to choose however. The closest is “background” under the “LibreOffice Writer/Web” header in Options, but this offers no possibility to add a custom color.

How do I do this? I am using on Linux.

Currently, the color picker in any place where you define a color has ability to define a custom color, and to pick a recently-used color. Doesn’t it fit your needs?

Hi - I would add that the many improvements are presented in the release notes.


That is not true, not for the Background tab in the Table Properties dialog in LibreOffice

@ke: yes, you’re right; feel free to file an issue at Bugzilla.

Not for Calc cell backgrounds either. Customization is gone. on Linux.

Not for Character Style Highlighting either.

There is no way how to put a name to the color (important) and how to add it to the instatnt custom color list. too bad. (version 6.+)