underline spacing?

When writing in chinese, its sometimes useful to underline proper names. This is often done with a wavy underline and ‘bold wavy’ looks good. However, whatever underline is used and whichever chinese font, the underline is too close to the character, such that they almost touch, which reduces readability. Would it be possible to add an option to move underlines down by some defined mm or points to avoid this? Or is there some existing workaround?
Writer macos 10.9.5

if changes are in order, please consider making the color of the underline of the underlined characters = to the color of the 1st character.

Workaround. Highlight the text, select Format → character ->Borders. On the left is an option for Line Arrangement which should be set left at “user defined”. You can now click on the panel and choose to have a border only beneath the character, not above or at the sides. You can alter the line style, width, color and the spacing to contents. I like style 4th down dotted, width 1.0pt, color black and spacing 0.05cm. You can’t have wavy lines, but it’s better than simple underline.

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