Undesired border line at page end even if "merge with next paragraph" is checked

I added a new paragraph style intended to get a group of paragraphs and separate the group by borders. All works as expected except the last and first paragraphs on a page: even when the checkbox “merge with next paragraph” is checked they are respectively bordered at the bottom and at the top. Paragraphs are identical and belong to the same group so these borderlines are undesirable. How to get rid of them?


As far as I know, you can’t because page end is a “strong” transition breaking in-page text flow.

However, you have several workarounds.

Quick’n’dirty proposal

Create a paragraph style with a single border (either above or below), minimum font size 2pt. An empty such paragraph will insert your borders before and after your group. You eventually create two paragraph styles (one for start, one for end) to better tune the line positions.

A more elaborate suggestion

Your group suggests a list (without numbering or bullet). You can use related paragraph styles List 1 Start, List 1 and List 1 End which you’ll customise to add a top border in – Start and a bottom border in – End.

In principle, when typing (not when editing unfortunately – by “editing” I mean changing styles afterwards), List 1 Start transitions automatically to List 1 when you hit Return.

To minimise maintenance burden, you’ll make List 1 Start and List 1 End dependent on List 1 so that formatting change in List 1 propagates to the other ones.

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