Undoing an animation scrambles the order of animations on a slide

Until a few updates ago, Impress’ custom animations (basically, click-to-reveal) worked perfectly; now they’re broken. What I want is to be able to back up through a slide with click-to-reveal animations. The backups should go in reverse order of the original forward reveals, then I should be able to go forward again at any point. It is very common to need to back up a few clicks (someone asks a question, whatever), but it’s impossible to do now without the ordering of the custom animations becoming hopelessly scrambled. The only way out is to keep backing up till the previous slide is showing, then start over on the original slide.

What caused this breakage? Is there a setting that will fix it? Is there a practical workaround? Can it be fixed? (!!)


Indeed, in LO 7, returning backwards in a presentation does not anymore correctly reverse the animations. It is actually broken: some animations will even refuse to appear, if you move forward again in the slide. So your only practical workaround for now is to return to the previous slide, then bring your slide of concern in order by moving forwards through it. Ugly before an audience, I realize that.

It is buggy behavior introduced in LO 7, possibly because some development is going on there that is not quite ready. Another highly problematic issue, for example, is that an animation does not always remain selected when you performed an action on it in the Animations dialog, or that suddenly, multiple objects are selected.

We can only hope that these issues will be sorted again soon.