Unending crashes in LibreOffice Calc and Writer

I have been a keen user of OpenOffice until I switched to LibreOffice. I was proud to say I use it.

I am in the last months of completing my MSc Astrophysics degree and use Calc every day. I need to update, copy, drag and paste cells in 44 graphs every day, as part of the degree requirements.

Calc crashes after one minute in every calc sheet. Specifically when I drag cells, and copy them (Cmd + C). This is frustrating, but I ask politely:


I am sure there are 1000s of user asking the same thing.

Otherwise, thank you for an absolutely fine, free, usable and reasonably stable package.



This is a user-to-iser site. If you have a problem, especially a repeatable problem, with crashing during normal operation you might want to report a bug, see this page How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice - The Document Foundation Wiki

Check in safe mode Help - Restart in safe mode - Continue in safe mode to see if it crashes in safe mode.
If it doesn’t then it might be a setting for Skia or OpenCL at issue, or it might be a corrupted user profile.
If it still crashes in safe mode then it could be a bug
Cheers, Al

This answer might provide a solution, Crashes in 24.2.4 - #23 by stragu

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I can understand you are busy with othe things, but publishing a rant without giving data of LO-version or the OS is actually not asking for help. It is the perfect method to tell a developer: Don’t fix this, it is not important enough for me to give any details.
As Al has spotted the hint to your OS (besides my theory user of Mac will generally not tell about their OS) you are now in great danger. They already fixed one of the bugs, wich may caused also your problem. You have to decide to stop updating, if you really wish to keep the current oroblem.

As a student, using LO24 and Macbook Pro, I am used to software that works properly. My spell checker is also up to date. How about yours.

Even after the so-called fix, LO Calc still crashes every time I use the “copy” facility.

May I suggest anger management classes? You clearly have issues, Wanderer!



Have not found a good solution for three languages on a mobile device.

That’s where they tell you using UPPERCASE is considered as shouting?
Feel free to suggest anything. But this is no site where you can talk to or shout at LO- developers or TDF-officials. Most contributors here are other users, helping with their experience, if you provide the necessary information for this.
But, as I don’t have your hardware, I will probably never see your problem, and that is quite relaxing.

Hi. Stressful times, sounds like. Not me, but many of the people working in this forum have decades of experience with LibreOffice or OpenOffice. They have given a lot, and they’re brilliant. Respect is due them and their cause.

In business if we have a system-critical failure based on something outside our control we generally look at how we can cast a wider net to bring that under our control. For example, a $350 refurbished Windows 11 PC could crunch about any Calc spreadsheet. If the bug is on Apple, and the need is critical, get a PC. Cast that net where you have control.

I’m an LO fan, obviously, but another possibility would be MS Excel. Again, if there is a critical failure, it may be up to you to solve it in time. In fact, critical failures are sometimes the easiest, since you know you have to allocate resources to solve them. Minor failures can be tough, because you have to weigh resource use more carefully.

Best wishes on your degree! How very cool to have a degree in astrophysics. I can barely get past cosets–so about page 30 in Physics 101.

I have this bug too. It’s related to copying. It happens about 8/10 times I copy a cell, whether by ctrl-c or right-click menu. It also happens about 8/10 times I’m in a pivot table properties and want to drag an item from the “available fields” cell to one of the other fields. It sometimes happens when I drag a chart.

Some users on Reddit relate this to the use of a clipboard manager, so if you use one then try disabling it, but note that this has not worked for me.

I haven’t seen this bug in prior versions.

Problem occurs with the following config:
Version: (AARCH64) / LibreOffice Community
Build ID: 51a6219feb6075d9a4c46691dcfe0cd9c4fff3c2
CPU threads: 12; OS: macOS 14.5; UI render: Skia/Metal; VCL: osx
Locale: en-GB (en_GB.UTF-8); UI: en-US
Calc: threaded

I “fixed” it by going back a version and I don’t see the bug. I’m still using the clipboard manager (Jumpcut).

It was a bug fixed in already released version 24.2.5, as pointed by @EarnestAl in #2.

When I check for updates I get

"LibreOffice 24.2.4 is available.

The installed version is LibreOffice"