Unexpected image content in ods archive

Out of curiosity I opened the spreadsheet file filename.ods I’ve been working on as an archive. I found a number of folders named Object 1, Object 2 etc. Within these folders were a number of unknown identical images. I searched the text files within the ods archive but found no instance of the image files’ name (eg within xml files).

I deleted the Object folders but all my charts disappeared. I then deleted just these jpg images. My file filename.ods appears intact. It’s size has reduced from 893k to 661k.

What’s going on here? Is there any way to ‘audit’ my file to see what in the archive (zip format?) is necessary?


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Ok thanks. The file is an amended copy of another file that I was working on some years ago. It’s quite possible I once attached a background image to a sheet although I don’t remember doing so, and the image is not one I remember ever seeing before.