Unhide columns - Show does not unhide

I am using LibreOffice Version: (x64). I have a worksheet wit hidden columns but when I select the columns either side of the hidden ones and right click I have Hide or Show but show doesn’t work. If I hide new columns show does work. How do I get at the hidden columns I hid when the option was Unhide?

It seems that it was related to them having been hidden in excel. I opened them in excel unhid them and saved. Now all is well In Calc

Frozen columns can cause a problem. If the slider bar at the bottom is moved to the right some columns will hide

Maybe it is not a hidden column but a column with the minimum width, if you are not able to select their border on the head, select from he column before up to the column after and change the width or right-click and select Optimal width.

the answer above does not work.
In addition I did not hide the columns

Since this is posted as an answer, how does it answer the question? Maybe should be deleted & posted as a comment?

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Apart from that, if you didn’t hide the columns it’s quite logical that Show doesn’t do anything. As the answer by m.a.riosv suggests, it’s also possible that the column width was set to 0, but if you say that answer doesn’t help, shrug… maybe edit the question and attach the document (after having scrubbed it of personal data).

As I said above, it was an excel/calc issue. Hidden in excel and unhidden in excel worked fine

Had the same problem.

As of, to un-hide the ‘excel hidden’ columns within Calc:

  1. Select the visible columns on both sides of the hidden columns
  2. Right-click on the selected columns
  3. Select ‘Show Columns’

If columns ‘Y’ through ‘AB’ are hidden, one would select columns ‘X’ and ‘AC’ (which should be next to each other).