Unicode decimal codes [CLOSED]

Libre Office Writer Version: (x64). Windows 10. PC with English UK keyboard and number pad.
Trying to insert special character using decimal code, eg 8776, shown as ≈ in special character table.
Inserting it using the table works ok, as does hex 2248 (+Altx).

Typing Alt + 8776 on the number keyboard just gives H. Num Lock on or off, no difference.

The ASCII codes (up to 255) are as shown in the character table, as long as you include a leading 0.

What is going on here?

And what should be going?

Just a hint: searching this forum won’t hurt.

I know Windows has a long tradition of allowing to enter unusual character with Alt and numeric keys, dating back to the “code pages” era, causing many compatibility problems when crossing a page code country border.

Code pages where limited to 256 characters (one byte worth) and I suppose the Alt entry method is limited to 8 bits: (8776)10 = U+2248 ALMOST EQUAL TO, when truncated to the lower 8 bits gives U+0048 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER H, q.e.d.

This is a Windows issue, not LO Writer.

Now we’re in Unicode era. In the standard, characters are shown as U+1234 where 1234 are hexadecimal digits. Consequently, why would you convert this number to decimal (with the risk of miscalculating) when you can blindly copy the hexadecimal code and Alt X?

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I guess so…