Unicode mismatch issue in LO


I installed LO yesterday and I have an issue with some characters. In my old documents, every apostrophe is changed by a comma. I investigated an maybe I found the beginning of issue. A dash is missing in the charset of my LibreOffice, so every character is shifted after and it’s occured mistake in files.
How can I fix that ?

Thanks in advance, and sorry for my bad english, it’s not my native langage.

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You didn’t mention your OS and I assume it is some version of Windows. It is likely that the OS “Table des caracteres” tries to display substitutes for missing characters in the selected font. Differences are then possible between OS character selection and Writer special character selection.

Note however that Liberation Serif is grayed out in Writer showing that the font has not been explicitly selected. The “missing” hyphen is U+2010 HYPHEN which is strange for such a “common” character. In my Liberation Serif display in Writer, the character displayed before HYPHEN is U+1EF3 LATIN SMALL LETTER Y WITH GRAVE (in Latin Extended Additionals). Last but not least, U+2019 RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK should be in upper not lower position. This suggests display of a font other than Liberation Serif or a damaged font.

Anyway, a missing character in a font never changes the code of characters in a document. At most, you get a glyph representing missing characters in the font. Very often, the OS sends a replacement glyph taken in a “compatible” font family.

IMHO, the problem comes from some AutoCorrect option set differently from previous version.

Language of the document is French (on your screenshot), but double check that every affected document is French. You can tell this from the bottom toolbar. You can also as foolproof measure force language with Tools>Language>…

Next go to Tools>AutoCorrect>AutoCorrect Options, Localized Options tab. The bottom half of this tab is dedicated to replacement rules for single and double quotes. Uncheck the Replace boxes to disable the feature.

However, since the replacement rules are relatively smart, the substitution you experience is a sign of bad typing. Since the lower quotation mark is substituted only at left of a word, check there is no space before the single quote. If there is none, then your font is definitely damaged.

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Thanks for your answer. I’m on Windows 10 yes. LibreOffice is in french of France, like my documents. I try to change the font and with Times New Roman, it’s working well. So it’s probably an issue with Liberation Serif. It’s possible to repair it ?

Since Liberation Serif is not a Windows font, you probably downloaded it from somewhere. I don’t know whether the Window$ installer also provides fonts. In doubt, remove Liberation Serif and get it from some reliable website.

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Thanks ! I don’t find the tick to mark the topic as solved…

Finally, I found the solution with your advises @ajlittoz. I uninstalled Liberation Serif/Sans/Mono of Windows. Uninstalled LibreOffice and reinstalled it. It reinstalled fonts and it works well. Thanks !

i have a similar problem. I use the comic neue font. I can write in this font but when I open the document all the characters are changed like the file is corrupted. As soon as I select all and change the font it works in the new font. I have this on two different machines.

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I’m using the latest version 7.1 in the hope it would solve this, instead it made it worse as it has been an issue for nearly a year, i am on windows 10.

Does it also happen with another font?

tdf#135351 ?

No it never happens with other fonts although this is the only font I have custom installed. I notice that comic neue is only the basic character set so I don’t know if this is part of the problem.

Where did you find it? Tell me and I’ll download it to diagnose it.


Caution! The font comes in two flavours: OTF and TTF. Choose the one which works best with your OS. There appears to be internal table issues as FontForge does not understand some of them in the font file. Comic Neue doesn’t attempt to cover Unicode; documentation states explicitly. Its scope is ISO-8859-2 or Latin-2, i.e. Central Europe. From what I see in the Unicode intervals, only the blocks necessary for this scope are present and many of them are partially filled.

I see so which is best for windows. I don’t understand about fonts, I just installed it as I like it and it’s the easiest thing for me to read.