Unicode short key


I WANT to use LIBRE OFFICE! It’s only compatible word processor for windows, mac and linux.

But I am not familiar with LIBRE OFFICE.

Especially short key.

I cannot make short key for unicode symbol.

On ms word, I can do that.

For example, “•” can be done by CTRL+1 which I made as short key on ms word.

So I searched solution for libre office.

And I found similar answer That is extension “compose special characters”.

But it’s still annoying.

Because I must remember the unicode numbers and type that number.

For example, “•” 's code number is 2022.

So I must type 2022 and click CTRL+1 which I made as short key on libre office. OK?

Why should I remember that number?

SO I want to know other easier solution for libre office.

Here’s how I would do it. Open LibreOffice Writer, then:

  1. Format > Autocorrect > Autocorrect options…

  2. In “With:” box, copy/paste •

  3. In “Replace” box, type the character sequence you want to use to produce the U2022 character, example “@@” (but whatever YOU like!)

  4. “New” button should now be active: click to save.

Now, when you type “@@” in LibreOffice, followed by a space, it will produce your “•” character.

Use in all your instances of LibreOffice.

Hope that helps!

Here are 2 links which can help you: