Unidentified Red Triangle in Footer

When I open a document of mine, I get this in the footer:

image description

If i do “Clear Direct formatting” in the right click menu, it disappears, however it returns when i re-open the document.

How do i prevent this from happening ?

Insufficient information provided: edit your question (don’t use an answer which is reserved for solutions) to provide OS name, LO version and save format (*.doc(x) or .odt?)

Usually such a red triangle means text overflows the space allowed for it. Doesn’t happen in main flow but may so in tables cells or frames with constrained size. For better analysis, attach a sample file (files cannot be attached to comments, edit your question and use the paperclip tool).

Clear Direct Formatting may temporarily cause formatting adjustments by changing font face/size, spacings, … but why it returns can be determined only with more information.

An assumption: The text with the red triangle is located in a (limited) field. The function “Clear Direct Formatting” probably caused the text to become longer (due to font or size).

Conclusion: A red triangle is always displayed if the intended area (field) is not sufficient for the existing text.

Mark the text and choose a smaller font size as a test. Can this help?