Uninstall LibreOffice4.3 helppack (Italian)

Hi everibody,
I can’t uninstall LibreOffice 4.3 helppack (Italian), the error message is thant windows installer can’t find LibreOffice_4.3.4_Win_x86_helppack_it.msi.
I can’t find that file beither in my pc nor in the archive of old version.
What can I do?

There are many ways OS can fail. Getting around such a problem sometimes is easier if we know the reason for the failed attempt. In your case: Why did you try to uninstall the Italian offline help for LibO V4.3.4 ?
Also: What OS version exactly?

I’m trying to uninstall LibreOffice because I was trying to install LibreOffice 5, but it doesn’ work because it needs that file, so I want to completly remove LibreOffice to install version 5.
Windows 7

Helppacks for LibO (offline help in different languages) are installed separately (1 per language / locale probably, too) subsequent to the installing of the application. As far as I know their installation only requires an unpacking to the appropriate subfolder of the LibO program folder. Are the italian help texts still present there?.

I never used Win 7. Anyway it is not a new problem that an attempted uninstalling can fail. Win should keep the needed information, but, as far as the process depends on files (whether protocols created when installing or helping dll …) these resources may have been deleted, corrupted due to a blackout, got lost in another way. As a rule this should not be in the scope of the specific software, but of the OS. The msi you mentioned should be identical with this one. Probably Win can retrieve the needed information from it.

Sorry if I could not help you.