Uninstall/Upgrade issues

By now this should have been addressed. When either upgrading to the newer version or uninstalling current version you are asked for a previous MSI file. if you have lost of deleted that file you can not do either of those actions. You are stuck with the current version. You are forced find the older version and download it (200MB+) and wasting your bandwidth so that you can carry out these actions.

I am having this issue now trying to upgrade to 5.3.3 from 5.0.3. No success!

Why can’t the code writers sort this out? What’s the problem? Why can’t we just uninstall or upgrade like any other program without this hassle and frustration?


The reason of the “previous MSI not found” problem is corruption of system installer cache; normally, no such problem should happen, and the “code writers” created the software installer using the technology provided by Microsoft. See FAQ.