Uninstalling LO version 6 on a mac

I want to do a clean wipe of LO from my hard drive. It isn’t so simple as just throwing the app into the trash and afterwards running the “install” app, because the re-installed app still recognizes the previous preferences. How do I really get rid of all previous traces of LO?

If you want to remove preferences it is sufficient to reset the user profile, LibreOffice user profile - The Document Foundation Wiki

Thanks for the suggestion, however I had already repeatedly tried those recommend procedures.
There are two parts to my following response:

  1. In my case, the following turned out to be simpler. I used an administrator account for the following:
    (a) Erase the app,
    (b) Back up user-created templates and dictionaries,
    (c) Search the stem “Library” folder for anything containing “LibreOffice” and erase them. Without this step, the problem persisted.
    (d) Install LO version 7.02, instead of the most recent stable version (7.6 etc.), At this point in time, it might have been possible to re-install the the most recent version of LO 7.6, but after 1.5-2 days of this I had enough,
    (e) Return the user files to the corresponding directory.

  2. Here, too, everything was done through an admin account.
    (a) The entire crisis arose because I wanted to re-install Zotero after the LO app became corrupted. Zotero reported that it had installed its plugin for LO, however LO wouldn’t accept it, and produced no toolbar for it.
    (b) After re-installing both LO and Zotero, and then restarting the Mac, everything worked as it should.

A commercial site provided the instructions for completely purging the corrupt LO platform. They were actually trying to sell software for purging much more complicated software, if you get the point.