Unique cell or delete the lines with all the duplicate

I have a column of thousands of records whose cells are filled with text.
I want to find the unique cell entries in the column with a filter or delete the lines with all the duplicate or triplicate records… example{

the result (unique value)must be only:

It’s very easy

Just choose Data - Filter - Standard Filter

In case you need ONLY UNIQUE VALUES, use this technique.


My friend thank you for your immediate answer but there is a problem… I WANT ONLY the unique recordings !! I do not want to keep value from duplicate … Can you help me with this?

Oh, please forgive me! I forgot that you already asked about this and described the problem much more. I add small animation to my answer. Perhaps this will help you?

My friend this is perfect !!
is that I really needed !!!
Thank you very much
It should be added as a basic tool to libreOffice.
is clearing a list

+1 @JohnSUN for cool animation, how do you produce those if i might ask?

It’s UVScreenCamera

very nice, i searched for a similar package on Ubuntu, came up with Peek.

Thanks. It’s helped

On my CALC sheet, when I put the info that shows in 1st picture, I do not have a data range box.
Where does that come from?