UNO commands

I have found a tool called MRI that could help work with uno commands but it does not work with version 6.14 that I have.
Are there other possibilities to get the same information about uno commands and syntaks?
I have realized that it is important to understand these informations to make macros.

Why doesn’t it work? it works for me. Did you get if from the tool’s author’s site? The one on LibreOffice Extensions site is outdated.

Please be more specific - what is the reason? MRILib does not load, testing object throws an error, nothing happens, something else? In any case, I believe LO version is not the case. Here is an Introduction into MRI. There is also Xray tool available, which brings similar functionality.

Thank you for the tip. Now I have downloaded the latest version and installed it. Ready to see how it works.