Uno:DataSort augments in Libre calc

Where can I find the augments for the Uno:DataSort command? Tks


Record a macro and the resulting dispatch commands should reveal the used arguments in StarBasic. They will be the same in any other language.

You may also want to learn about writing true macros and extensions based on some knowledge about UNO: Apache OpenOffice Developer's Guide - Apache OpenOffice Wiki
Object inspection tool: Apache OpenOffice Community Forum - [Tutorial] Introduction into object inspection with MRI - (View topic)
and linked object reference: LibreOffice: com::sun::star Module Reference

Tks for answer, I tried that but I am trying to use the uno:DataSort in a different way and need different ways to input the augments. I would like somewhere to get reference to the variations.

See section “15.4.13. Sorting” of A. Pitonyak’s book OOME_4_0.odt.

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