uno.util.Bootstrap portable version

I want to use swriter, but the portable version. As mentioned in the topic, I need to do the xstuff with a programming language, in my case c#. But bootstrapping fails with failur in assembly cppuhelper. On a pc with installed version of libreoffice this works, but not with only the portable version, what I want.
I also need to export the document. With an installed version of libreoffice this works, but I want this working with a portable version.
How can I do this?
Thanks a lot & with best regards, Thomas.

uses Windows ?

if YES just download the desired version (search here: Index of /libreoffice/old , not all have portable.).

This was the last one released: Index of /libreoffice/old/

And distribute together with the file.

Thank you, but as I mentioned in the topic it fails on bootstrapping ( I access this from c#, I added the info to the ticket, sorry)
With best regards, Thomas.