unoconv makes all images anchored as character

I’m on Windows, using unoconv with LibreOffice to convert HTML files to RTF. (I tried LibreOffice 4, but whenever I try to use it with unoconv, it bombs.) I’m using an .ott template to help with the formatting. There’s only one problem: all images end up anchored “as character,” rather than “to paragraph,” which means that they get jumbled together on top of each other. This is happening even though I have given both the default Graphic and Frame styles to “to paragraph” anchoring in the .ott file. In the converted rtf file, the default styles still have “to paragraph” anchoring; it’s just that each individual image is set to anchor as a character.

The anchoring still gets set this way if I run unoconv without using the template, so it’s not a weird defect in the .ott file. It also happens if I strip all CSS out of the HTML file.

Any idea what is going on and if there’s something I can do to fix it?

Have you tried doing the same using LibreOffice GUI ?

Since unoconv does not modify the content in any way, it must be related to limitations/regressions in HTML import filter or the RTF export filter. You can most likely see which is the problem by opening it yourself in LibreOffice manually.