[UNSOLVED/UNREPLICATED] Editing linked workbooks: formulae don't change?

LibreOffice Calc version running on Linux Mint Xfce 18.3

Calc imported a series of XLSX, saved each as ODS, closed and re-opened the ODS.

Edit Links > Modify each XLSX reference to that of the equivalent ODS file.

But, in the workbook, references to the XLSX remained. It required a find-and-replace exercise to manually replace “.XLSX” with “.ODS”.

Is this by design?

Works here. Select the source file in Edit → Links …, with Modify choose new file (unfortunately the link is not updated in the dialog after that before closing), close dialog => external references in cell formulas are updated with the new name.

I can’t replicate the success. I can, however, replicate the issue in sanitised versions of the workbooks. The ultimate originals were xlsx imported into LibreOffice,saved as ODS, redacted heavily and re-saved as new ODS files. Re-linked, yet still two links in Edit Links and now #NAME has appeared instead of zero.

Same sample file as in [UNSOLVED/UNREPLICATED] Why inconsistent calculation outcomes with linked spreadsheets? - #3 by taxedserf the accs- Automatic accounts 2019 debug anon.ods file does not have any named ranges or database ranges so can’t work.

Looks like the redaction process removed the named ranges, which didn’t help (!!), and the files needed to be renamed to make them different from the originals. Test data clearly flawed. It demonstrates why testing spreadsheets is actually rock hard. I’ll close this issue as unsolved/unreplicated and raise another issue when the incident recurs.

It’s frustrating, because I cannot get Calc to work as reliably as Excel. It undermines the project to leave Microsoft!