Untitled 2 (how to make this back to default?)

When I create a new document, the name given to it, while not yet saved, has the suffix 2, even though I haven’t opened any other… how do I get it back to normal?

Do you have “Untitle 1” saved?

I tested that. It doesn’t matter. You only get the overwrite question when trying to save.

Anyway, OP didn’t mention OS name and LO version which is a minimum. He could also describe how s/he creates the new document: from the file manager, launching LO, …

LO version: (x64)
OS: Windows 10 21H2
Trying from menu: File > New (no matter what LO program)

I understood the problem. It accumulated according to the documents I created. when I restarted the LibreOffice service on Windows it returned to 1. But it was strange to accumulate the numbering without having other documents open.

No. But still saving the number of documents created until restart the LO service.

You may have upgraded your LO without cold-rebooting your computer afterwards.

In my test with version, first new document name is Untitled 1, next Untitled 2, Untitled 3, and so on. If I close Untitled 2, and open a new document its name is Untitled 2.

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