"untitled documents' data" are no longer restored after "adverse SHUTDOWNS" by LO 7.5 latest UPDATE . .

Using Windows 10 and LO for many LO updates. However, the last update of 7.5 series has a side effect on data entered within an untitled document. After an accidental shutdown – i.e., power failure, over heated, etc., – data within untitled documents were always recovered; but this latest update does not return the data; it only returns a blank document.
Did not see any Q&A on this change. Has any one else noticed such differing results?
Version: (X86_64) / LibreOffice Community
Build ID: 36ccfdc35048b057fd9854c757a8b67ec53977b6

Save early, save often, see Preventing data disaster - The Document Foundation Wiki .

Relying solely on a safety feature is like playing russian roulette with your data. In the menu, look at Tools > Options > Load/Save > General for AutoRecovery settings.