Unwanted auto-page break after headline

Dear community,
I’ve tried to search for my problem here but only got more confused…
I’m recycling a Writer-document I once used for a thesis and have now typed out all my chapter-names and assigned “Headline” Paragraph-Styles to them (1-5).
Today I wanted to add text to various chapters, when all of a sudden a “page break” appears after the 5th chapter-headline (with applied “Heading1”-Style). I can add text below normally (resulting in “Text Body”-Style text), but after that text the following headlines automatically jumped to the next page, which they shouldn’t do… And mind: this is behavior is weirdly only showing with that one 5th chapter-headline1 – all the other headline1-chapters work as the should!
There are no hidden characters or manual page breaks in between, I checked for that, and also in the TextFlow-Options for all the headline-styles the “insert breaks”-option is not checked…
Here’s a link to the Writer-file if you want to have a look for yourself:

Could you guide me to possibles sources of this problem?
Big thanks in advance!

I assume that what you call “Headline-Paragraph-Styles” is in fact taken in the Heading x family. Usually, chapter headline paragraphs receive paragraph style Heading 1. It is also common to cause new chapter to begin on a new page.

Heading 1 style definition allows to insert automatically a page break before the heading. This is set in the Text Flow tab of the style dialog where you just check a box.

To access paragraph style definition, hit F11 on your keyboard, then right-click on the style name and choose Modify7 from the drop-down menu. Select the Text flow` tab and check.

If the box is not checked, edit your question and report.

EDIT 2018-02-18

There is no bug nor malfunction in the style system or Writer. Your document is only a skeletal sample for a thesis. Its “simplified” content caused the problem.

Where you see the “strange” behaviour, you wrote several Heading 2 paragraphs without any text in between. Heading 2 style is flagged “keep with next paragraph” so that the heading will never print last on a page with its text starting on the next. This flag is cumulative, i.e. whenever several consecutive paragraphs are so flagged, they form an indivisible block. This is what you get with your sequence of Heading 2 paragraphs. Their number is such that they don’t fit in the remaining page space under their Heading 1 paragraph. The Text Body paragraph following chapter 5 heading was kept with Heading 1 (because Heading 1 is also flagged “keep with next paragraph”) but introduced a “natural” break location for formatting.

You have nothing to do to “fix” the problem. As soon as you write a Text Body between the Heading 2, you make smaller independent blocks and they will flow to their expected location.

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Thanks for your help, ajlittoz! I updated my question. As it now states, the problem is unfortunately not caused by the insert-checkbox in the Text Flow tab…

Thanks, ajlittoz! That unfortunately also did not help. Tried various selections, starting from exactly the headline, from above, etc. - no change.
What I just discovered (and now somewhat helped me) - but is not a real solution to the problem:
As soon as I insert some ‘regular’ text after the following sub-chapter 5.1 headline (which is formatted with “headline2”), the headline jumps to it’s correct place on the previous page, meaning directly below the chapter 5 headline! …

… I was able to continue this procedure with all the following chapters and sub-chapters and for the moment it looks correct. But I don’t see any logic behind that…

If you meet this problem again, upload the file on some fileshare site and mention the link here, so that we can have a look at it.

I just added the link to the demo-file in my question if you are still curious… Would love to see this puzzle solved! :wink:

oh wow… I think I got you! Big thanks for taking the time and clearing things up, ajlittoz! Really appreciate it!

You’re welcome