Unwanted conversion of a typed single quote in an apostrophe

LibreOffice Writer is automatically treating a typed single quote (on same keyboard key with the double quote) as an apostrophe. This is a problem for me. If I copy and paste that apostrophe into a .txt file and then read the .txt file with my FORTRAN program and display it in a window, the apostrophe is displayed as gibberish, containing what looks like a trade-mark symbol.

When I opened my 120-page Word document with Writer, the single quotes (representing apostrophes) in the Word document were reproduced as single quotes by Writer, and consequently there was no problem. But when I TYPE a single quote into the Writer document, it is automatically converted to an apostrophe, which is a problem for me. Is there a setting which will prevent this conversion? I know that I can type an undo after typing in the single quote, but this is tiresome and may be occasionally forgotten by me.

Any advice will be appreciated.

And this advice would make you understsnd, of course, everything about the lengths of lines in Draw! Now everything is clear to me.

Original question from which the first title comes: /271697/why-is-displayed-line-length-in-the-draw-program-incorrect/

A keyboard sends signals to an interface telling what ordinary key was pressed - and what modifier keys probably in addition. These signals are interpreted by software which then decides if a charcter should be passed - or what else should happen.
In addition software may run listeners intercepting any process of that kind again. In your case -if running Writer- there is an event handler looking up the entries of a replacement table, an internal one first, and then one the user can edit, …

If your settings (AutoCorrect Options > Localized Options I would assume) are to this effect, an ordinary apostroghe or a single curly quote may get inserted into a text. If a spreadsheet cell has the keyboard focus , the effect may be different. Again if it’s the Basic editor … and of course, if it’s a completely different software with a different layout setting - or having activated a different keyboard driver.

Hail digitalization! You won’t escape the fact that your keyboard is virtual even if it seems to be of hard material. And what character will appear on your screen -if any- is as virtually related to the pressed keys as is your question to it’s subject.

BTW: Where was a line length displayed incorrectly?

Thanks. The line length comment was not mine. Apparently I hitchhiked on somebody else’s question. I was able to correct the “apostrophe” problem by navigating to … AutoCorrect Options > Localized Options and unchecking the “replace” boxes for the single quotes (and double quotes). That did the trick. It’s interesting that Writer did not “mess with” the single quotes in my WORD document when it converted the document into the Writer format.

There are lots of details I don’t know much about.
What you were annoyed of should only happen during editing or typing new text.

Anyway this was an opportunity to mould some of my thoughts into a funny question-answer context.

The problem with Writer converting a typed “single quote” into an apostrophe was solved by navigating to Tools > AutoCorrect > AutoCorrect Options … > Localized Options and unchecking the “Replace” box for Single Quotes. I also unchecked the “Replace” box for Double Quotes while I was at it.

If you want to have the option of having the pretty versions of apostrophe and double quotes for letter writing, etc. you can have the grammar checker flag them by ticking boxes in Tools > Options > Language Settings > English Sentence Checking. They remain unmodified but you would then just have to right-click the wavy blue underlining and select the modified quoted word.