Unwanted horizontal divisions in LO Writer tables


I have a problem with unwanted horizontal divisions appearing in tables in LO Writer (newest I have read dozens of help pages and think these are page breaks. But how to get rid of them? There are instructions to uncheck “break” in Table (or Paragraph) properties, but as I haven´t managed to find even a one checked “break” setting yet, maybe these are something else…

image description

The divisions mess table layouts very badly, so I´d be extremely thankful for instrutions to get rid of them.


The screenshot is absolutely no use to diagnose the issue. Edit your question to attach a 2-3 pages sample with the problem.

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These divisions are the limits between table rows. Is you don’t want divisions, just type all data in the same row.
By the way, if you don’t select table borders, these lines will be no printed nor exported (in PDF).

Thank you, LeroyG. That helps already a lot, I had not realized that. I have originally created only a one-row table - do you know what creates new rows, is there a shortcut that I´m pressing unintentionally?

If you press TAB while the cursor is in the last cell, this will add a new row (and you will see the cell limits).

For more help, take a look at Shortcut Keys for Tables in LibreOffice Writer.

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