Up-to-date list of karmic requirements

Does anyone have an up to date list of the karmic requirements needed in order to perform all the different related functions on this website? (please also include where such a list can be found) For example:

This list must be outdated as it says I need 50 karma to reopen my own closed questions, whereas my karma is 63 and I still can’t do that.

Link in the question above is incomplete; I suspect it should be this link

Thanks Robley, but either the list is outdated or I’m having another problem… I am still having issues whenever I try to reopen my own questions (which, according to the list in the link you added, I should be able to do as it requires 50 karma).
I click the “reopen” link, edit the question, then after I’ve pressed “save” and then exited the question and re-entered it, the title still says “[closed]” and the message says…

… “the message was accepted by appreciatethehelp” etc.

So am still trying to figure out if the list is outdated (and therefore perhaps my karma is still to low to reopen my own questions) or if there’s some other problem preventing me from reopening my own questions…?

My comment was only to fix the URL in your answer which appeared to be broken, not to confirm it as gospel :slight_smile: I just did a test of create, close & re-open a Q which worked as expected, given my karma is a bit higher than yours. So I have no answer for you.

Cheers all the same. I have changed the original link regarding karmic requirements to the one that you added.