Upadted now can't open

I updated to Libreoffice 4.1.2 and now when I try and “import” an MS access data base in the .accdb file format, the option isn’t there. Both options for opening an already existing table (MS Access & MS Access 2007) only allow for .mdb files. HELP!

This bug report is five months old and it appears that nothing has been done since then. Is that correct?

I am using LibreOffice Version: under Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64 bit and I also do not have an option to open ACCDB files. It seems illogical that a bug that only allowed opening ten year old databases would still be exist after this amount of time, especially as the messages below indicate that it used to work.

I have not used LibreOffice before downloading the current software. The suggestion to convert to an older database format in order to get around this problem is ridiculous.

I agree that this seems like a bug. I’m also on Windows 7, and when I try to “Connect to Existing Database” and choose the option for Access 2007, I only get the option for mdb.

The Access 2007 filetype is accdb, mdb was last the native format in Access 2003.

It looks like there is an open bug report for this problem: have a look at fdo#69832 and perhaps register and add your voice and particular set of circumstances. It shows up in the search hit list in red, and I’m not sure what that signifies.

@dajare – Severity critical = red

It would help to have more information about your context. The reference to MS products suggests you’re on Windows of some kind - but which version? (Or what OS are you using!) What was the previous version of LibO? Could you open .accdb files before, or is this new since the update?

There is a Q&A about opening an Impress file after updating that is possibly analogous to your case.

Also, you might want to do a conversion (if you’re on Windows) using the free tool MDB Viewer Plus and avoid the .accdb problem altogether.

I’m on a Windows 7 (32 bit) PC. LO 4.0 could open access files (both .mdb and .accdb, but LO 4.1 has only the .mdb option. This is really an over week long process of trying to get a friend and co-worker access to an .accbd database she was sent. She’s on a Mac (Snow Leopard). Her LO 4.0 doesn’t open .accdb files or .mdb files! This is all too complicated.