Update fields (F9) not working

Hi I’m using LO v4.2.6.3

I have some fields set-up to help automate the creation of letters, envelopes etc. The specific field I am using the most is called “Input Field” from the Functions tab in the fields dialogue box. It works brilliantly when the document opens (in my case asking for recipient and address details).

My issue is that I have found the F9 (Update fields) button does not update the “Input” fields. I would expect it to re-display the ‘data entry request box’, so I could edit the contents manually. This would be used for example if I spot that a mistake has been made or if I am printing many envelopes that just need the address manually changing (i.e. not from a database). I expect to be able to just hit F9 and enter the next recipient details, print off and then hit F9 again for the next one etc… I should not have to close and open the whole document template each time to instantiate the data entry request boxes.

I hope the above makes sense. Any thoughts anyone?

Ctrl-Shift-F9 will allow you to edit input fields. See this.