Update from 6.0 to 6.1 (or dependency) pixelates embedded SVGs

I am frequently using an LO Writer Document with an SVG logo in the top right corner. “Suddenly”, the logo is shown badly pixelated in LO Writer. Even worse, it is also pixelated when the document is exported to PDF. The pixelation is really coarse and does not even change when adjusting the resolution for embedded images in the PDF export dialog.

I ran an update from 6.0 to 6.1 sometimes in January (2019). Both are distribution versions from openSUSE Linux (Leap 42.3). PDFs exported with 6.0 appear to be fine - so I downgraded to 6.0 but the issue persists. Therefore, I am now suspecting a library issue (something else that I might have implicitly upgraded).

Deleting (i.e. temporarily relocating) all of LO’s settings did not help.

Is this a known issue? (There are many bugs related to SVG in the bug tracker, but I could not find a matching one.)

How can I debug this / narrow down the root cause of this issue?

If it was a library issue, which one(e) is(are) the likely candidate(s)?

EDIT: Ok, I bisected the issue. It is clearly LO Writer. I am using flat ODT (FODT) files. They usually contain both, the SVG “original” and a PNG “preview” stacked in a frame. For some odd reason, LO removes the SVG and only keeps the PNG (if you look at the plain XML of an FODT file). If I take a (previously) working FODT document and remove the PNG before opening (manually, in a text editor), it works - once - before LO Writer replaces the SVG with a PNG (i.e. dumps the SVG altogether). Sounds like a significant bug to me.

Well - that indeed looks like a serious bug. Please file it, attaching a sample document with SVG that gets removed (to only have PNG fallback) upon saving with a newer version.

@MikeKaganski Will do.

I filed a bug against LibreOffice Writer 6.1.

Hi, thank you for great work in developing LibreOffice. Added some research here on this bug https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=123396#c7. @MikeKaganski, probably it will help. This bug is not a blocker, but a sort of a life spoiler