Update icon won't go away after updating


I keep getting the icon that says an update is available in Libre Office Calc. When I click on it it says:
LibreOffice 24.2.3 is available (a version I have never used nor do I want to).
The installed version is LibreOffice (and I have already installed that version, so I am up to date.)

I downloaded version 24.2.3 in the hope of getting rid of the icon but it is still there and whenever I change spreadsheets the whole thing seems to jump to remind me to install a version I do not want.

Any ideas how to get rid of the annoying update available icon please?

You could click Tools > Options > LibreOffice >Online Updates and untick Check for updates automatically, or change it to Every Month instead of Every Week.

Thank you - that worked. Now I need to remember to check for updates manually :slight_smile:

Maybe there is a bit of confusion for the change on how to name the versions,

Please have a look at:
Name of versions
Release Plan

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